Rules and Regulations - 8/20/18

N.Y.S. Sporterifle, Inc., hence-forth known as Sporterifle, shall be governed by the rules and regulations of the National Rifle Association with the following provisions as adopted by the Sporterifle executive committee. Any violation of the rules and regulations of the National Rifle Association and/or those rules and regulations set forth here, will warrant disqualification of the team scores for the entire season.


Each year the Bulletin Editor will place teams in the appropriate league based on the previous year's team average.


A team wishing to join the Sporterifle program should be composed of no less than five (5) individuals in good standing. A parent organization may have more than one team, each team consisting of at least five (5) members. No individual shall be listed in the Sporterifle Bulletin when the shooter is not listed with a competing team.

Teams or their parent organizations shall provide range facilities and operate matches in accordance with NRA and Sporterifle rules. Further, each team shall assist with the Sporterifle bulletin as follows:

Teams joining Sporterifle after the start of the season will be placed in an appropiate open (bye) spot on one of the league schedules. This team will be matched with other teams only after it is possible for each team to compete with each other an equal number of times. (For example: For a 8 team - 21 match schedule, team's win/loss records will start only at match 1, 8 or 15 where each team can compete again each other 3, 2 or 1 time respectively.)


The Sporterifle Executive Committee will set fees for the subsequent season at a Sporterifle Executive Committee meeting as necessary. The fee structure will be supplied to each team captain before the start of the season.


A Sporterifle shooter may compete as a junior from the time they reach their twelfth (12th) birthday until their nineteenth (19th) birthday. A junior who reaches their nineteenth (19th) birthday after September 1st may compete as a junior through the end of that season. This will include any competitions during the season and the shootoff at the season end. Youngsters under the age of 12 are not allowed to compete in Sporterifle.


A Sporterifle shooter who reaches their 60th birthday on or before September 1 may compete as a senior for that entire following season and all seasons thereafter. This will include any competitions during the season and the shootoff at the end of the season.


A Sporterifle shooter who has a disability which makes it impossible or extraordinarily difficult to follow a particular rule may apply to the Sporterifle State Director for a exemption from that rule. The State Director shall request such information as he deems necessary to make a ruling. This information can include, but is not limited to physician's statements, photographs, or statements from other shooters.


The Sporterifle Bulletin Editor shall maintain a listing of all current Sporterifle shooters, classified individual scores and averages, team scores, team standings, and other pertinent data as necessary to produce a weekly bulletin. On a weekly basis during the Sporterifle season, the Sporterifle Bulletin Editor shall publish the bulletin to include match results, individual and team standings. The weekly bulletin is publised on the sporterifle.org website and, upon request, shall be available to all Sporterifle competitors.



The rifle authorized for use in Sporterifle competition is the .22 caliber rim-fire rifle chambered for cartridges commercially catalogued as .22 short, .22 long or .22 long rifle. There are no restrictions on barrel length. There are no restrictions on the trigger pull weight except that it must be safe and reliable. The overall weight of the rifle with sights and any accessories shall not be greater than seven and one half (7 1/2) pounds. The butt plate of the rifle shall not curve more then one half (1/2) inch from tip to tip. If the butt plate is adjustable, it must be adjusted to its neutral position where the butt plate shall not extend above, below or to the side of the natural contour of the stock.


Any metallic or telescopic sight may be used in competition.


The rifle's magazine, clip, or tube may remain in place but the rifle must be loaded single shot. If a clip is used, it must be loaded with only one round at a time.


The use of any clothing for body support of any kind is prohibited. A shooting jacket may be used provided it is made of cloth, with a shoulder pad not more than one quarter (1/4) inch thick, and has no elbow pads. The jacket must fasten with buttons or zipper only, and the jacket must fit loosely enough to allow a three (3) inch cylinder to be passed up the front.


Palm rests, fore-end devices, prongs, or any other device which provides artificial support are specifically prohibited.


The standing position must be used for Sporterifle competitions. Standing position: The shooter stands erect on both feet, no other portion of the body may touch the ground or any other supporting surface. A sling may not be used. The rifle will be supported by both hands and one shoulder only. For male non-senior shooters (see senior definition in SENIORS above), the elbow or upper arm of the forward arm may not be placed against the body or rested on the hip. For male senior shooters and all female shooters, the elbow or upper arm of the forward arm may be placed against the body or rested on the hip.


The six bull 50 foot NRA official light rifle target, listed as A-32, or the equivalent, shall be used in all Sporterifle competitions.


The Sporterifle course of fire will consist of 30 record shots with a possible total of 300 points, fired from the standing position at 50 feet. Three targets shall be fired with ten record shots on each target. Each target shall have two shots on each record bull, with unlimited shots on the sighter. The time allowance shall be ten minutes for each ten shot target, including any fouler, sighting, and all record shots.


Competition shall consist of team members firing the 30 shot course for individual averages, with the five high scores used for the team score.

The teams in each league compete among themselves as individuals and teams in a weekly schedule of matches arranged by Sporterifle officers within the period from September 1st to April 1st.

Iron Sights Competition: Competitors participating in the iron sights competition shall follow all Sporterifle rules and regulations except that the firearm used for this competition can exceed 7 1/2 pounds and must have non-optical sights. Competitors participating in both the normal and iron sight competitions must submit separate scores for each competition.


Shoulder to shoulder shootoffs may be held separately or combined, under the jurisdiction of the Executive committee. Shootoffs shall not affect season standings or awards, and may have independent awards.


A match consists of team members firing the Sporterifle course of fire, shoulder to shoulder, each week during the season. EXCEPTION: Shift workers or others with special cases who cannot attend the regular team's firing time may fire their match prior to the scheduled match, provided all other conditions are the same.



For each match a score sheet will be completed which will list: each competitor's first and last name; each competitor's three 10 shot score and total score; the five high scores used for the team score; and the total team score.


Processing of all scores shall be done by the office of the Bulletin Editor, the club's responsibility being only for totaling, checking and submitting the score sheet.

The scores posted by the teams are final after they have been processed by the editor. No changes will be made after they have been finalized. Team captains are encouraged to verify the scores they submit are correct before the due date/time to guarantee errors can be corrected.


The weekly total 30 shot score for each competitor shall be averaged, classified, and listed separately for each league in numerical order in the bulletin. The five scores which constitute the team score in each league shall be listed according to competitor name, ten shot scores, total score, and team score.

A running average of actual team scores and the number of wins and loses shall be listed in the bulletin. The team with the best win/lost record shall be the winner. If the top two teams have the same win/loss record, the team with the higher average for the season is the first place team.


Individual averages shall be maintained and placed in the proper class by the Bulletin Editor as follows:

Competitors at shootoffs or other tournaments shall use their current classification.

Classes shall be:

MasterM 285 to 300
ExpertEX 275 to 284.99
Sharpshooter           SS     265 to 274.9
MarksmanMK 245 to 264.99
RiflemanRF 225 to 244.99
Sub-RiflemanSF 0 to 224.99


Individuals must compete in at least 50% of the scheduled matches, including two of the last five matches, to be eligible for any awards. Teams must also have competed (not forfeited) in at least 50% of the scheduled matches, including two of the last five to be eligible for any team awards.




If individuals shoot the same 3 target total score and this tie needs to be broken, the competitor with the highest 3rd target is the winner. If the 3rd target scores are the same then the competitor with the higher 2nd target score is the winner. If all three targets have identical scores, then the competitors are true ties. When this occurs in a shootoff, the competitors are awarded tie awards. When this occurs in a regular match and only the competitor ranking is concerned, the higher competitor is arbitrarily chosen.

If, in a match, the team total scores are a tie, the tie is first tried to be broken by comparing the team score totals of target #3. The team with the higher total for target #3 is the winner. If still unable to break the tie, the team score totals of target #2 are then compared. If the tie is still unbroken the higher score from the top shooters is the winner. If the top shooters are the same, then the team with the top 2nd place shooter is the winner. This ranking is done as far as necessary down to the 5th shooters. If there is still a team tie, then the above individual rule is used to determine a winner between the top shooters, then the 2nd place shooters, etc. If the two teams have identical scores for all 5 positions, then the tie can not be broken and each team is awarded 1/2 point.


Awards are distributed based on the number of qualified competitors in the award category as follows:


A competitor who has fired two or more consecutive years shall be eligible for the Most Improved Shooter award. A junior competitor who has fired two or more consecutive years shall also be eligible for the Monte Smith Most Improved Junior Shooter award.


These rules and regulations may be amended by the Executive Committee, but such action is subject to approval at any annual or special meeting by a two - thirds vote of the delegates present. This revision is dated 8/20/18.